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Please pay attention to shipment! Another port in India declared "force majeure"! Malaysia has been closed!

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300,000+ newly added for more than ten days, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the epidemic in India. India’s reality is difficult to implement and maintain strict blockade measures. The out-of-control epidemic in this country is not just a disaster for a country, it will pose a serious threat to the development of the global epidemic.

Another port in India declared "force majeure"!

According to the World Wide Web, Tamil Nadu in southern India began a two-week blockade from 4 a.m. on May 10 until May 24 to curb the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Tamil Nadu has famous foreign automakers such as Daimler, Ford, Hyundai and Renault.

Karaikal, the port of Tamil Nadu, also announced force majeure from May 10 to May 24. In view of the above, the operations/operations of Karaikal Port (including but not limited to unloading, loading, receiving and dispatching) have been severely affected.

After the closure of Tamil Nadu in southern India, more than 300,000 people fled overnight.

Karnataka, the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, also announced a total blockade from May 10 to 24. Its capital, Bangalore, is India’s major technological hub.

Prior to this, India's domestic coal importer Visakhapatnam (VISAKHAPATNAM) also declared force majeure.

KPPL stated that it is not responsible for any claims directly or indirectly caused by and/or related to the above-mentioned force majeure events, including ship demurrage, especially due to delays before berthing or any other nature. Therefore, the unloading rate guaranteed by the port agreement does not apply to all ships loading and unloading in Karaikal Port during the force majeure period. In due course, KPPL will notify the termination of the force majeure based on further notices/instructions (as the case may be) from the Indian Central Government and the State Government.

In fact, in addition to Tamil Nadu, 26 local states including Karnataka and Kerala in India have announced that they have entered a state of blockade.

Indian hospitals have long been overcrowded, it is common for patients to share beds, and there is a substantial lack of oxygen generators.

Regarding the outbreak in India, COSCO Insurance Brokers said: We have recently received inquiries from many shipowners about the new crown epidemic in various ports in India, and other countries/regions regarding restrictions on the changes of ships/personnel and crew that have called at Indian ports. At the same time, some shipowners’ ships are carrying out voyages to Indian ports, worrying that after the voyage is over, the subsequent port’s implementation of an overdue quarantine policy will cause rental losses.

In addition, given that some ports in India have declared force majeure, can they invoke force majeure in the lease to refuse to go? The Association’s general representative said: Port operation is a basic service that can operate even during a complete blockade, and the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has only announced a partial blockade. The transfer of goods from one place to another is not restricted. If the bagged goods are carried by the member’s vessel, the handling of these goods may be delayed due to the limited number of laborers. For bulk cargo, this should not be a problem, because the port services for cargo transportation are still fully operational.

In addition, shipowners are only likely to refuse to proceed if there is a specific clause in the charter party that allows them to do so, or if they can prove that any guarantee of a safe port has been violated.

Malaysia implements nationwide lockdown until June 7

Due to the increase in the number of new coronary pneumonia cases, Malaysia implemented a nationwide lockdown from May 12 to June 7.

Malaysia’s announcement of the closure of the country shows that its epidemic is very serious. Based on Malaysia's limited medical resources and conditions, it is undoubtedly necessary and scientific for Malaysia to take measures to close the country. The country is struggling to cope with a new surge of new crown cases, and the total number of cases in the country currently exceeds 440,000.

It is foreseeable that the closure of Malaysia on the brink of the Strait of Malacca will have a certain negative impact on trade in the Strait of Malacca. The oil of many East Asian countries needs to pass through the Strait of Malacca to reach their country, which will undoubtedly affect normal oil transportation.

GAC, a well-known shipping agency, said: After Malaysia closed the country, the country’s crew change business must have ceased. Port operations are still in operation, but it is expected to have an impact, and the extent remains to be seen.

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